Posted by: Roby Robertson | August 16, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate|Real Living In Style Proud To Sponsor Grin Kids

Lake Norman Real Living In Style sponsors Ace and TJ's Grin Kids Saturday August 15th, I attended the Ace & TJ Grin Kids silent auction held at the Galloway Hooker in Cornelius NC.   Being one of the sponsors of the event and golf tournament (see banner), we were a part of a great group of people willing to help chronically ill children get a free trip to Disney World.

It was a fun and amazing event.  While this event was about having fun, I was amazed at the generosity of the volunteers and sponsors.  Even in tough times, people are willing to give to a great cause.

One of the highlights for me was Yankee Pete (of the Ace and TJ show), telling stories about the kids that have made the trip in the past.  He told of how these kids never complain and always put others first.  One particular story was of a kid who was chronically ill but found out one of his neighbors had both the father and mother laid off from work.  Here he was living a life that was sure to be shortened and he was organizing luminaries and fundraisers for this family and neighborhood at Christmas.

Each and every story was touching and a check back to reality.  My problems and the problems of my family are minimal when you compare them to these kids and their families.

I found out our sponsorship is enough to send one child to Disney and I am very proud of  our Real Living agents for being a part of the effort to send a child to his/her wildest dreams.  This is something that Real Living In Style will support for years to come.

If you want to learn more about Grin Kids please visit  It does not take a lot of money to make a kid smile!


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