Posted by: Roby Robertson | August 28, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate | Solutions Made Easy

Easy Ways to Track Your Lake Norman Home

I am here for the most important person of all … you!  That being said, I do a lot of research on Lake Norman Real Estate and more importantly, how I can best assist my clients and soon to be clients.

With over 27,000 visits to this blog, I feel certain that my readers are finding it helpful.  From the statistics, I know that they like the FREE Lake Norman area listings on the right panel. 

Interestingly, the most searched keywords are Lake Norman Foreclosures and Lake Norman.  This just proves that Foreclosures are a sign of the times.

I also try to investigate trends with searching for homes.   A very high percentage of the web surfers do not want to have to provide information to look at homes.  This is why the pre-made searches on the right panel get so much traffic. 

One of the things, I realized is that our Real Living search is limited somewhat because of the inability to search for waterfront, waterview and/or homes with boat slips.   For this reason I always offer a way for users to contact me and request alerts set up through our MLS that go directly to an email address.  This is a great no-hassle way to look at properties until you are ready to buy.

The next solution I wanted to offer was the ability for a home buyer or seller to set up their own alerts to watch homes, neighborhoods and larger areas for active homes and recently sold homes.  This is a great service for both the buyers and sellers.  Being able to provide solutions for both has been a real help for many.  For buyers, you can click search on the right panel and for sellers you can click on Sold Home Watch.  Yes you have to sign up but this is a no hassle way to get the information you need.  Also, if you are in need of getting pre-qualified for a loan, this service is there for you to get this accomplished.   Find out if you can buy a home or find out what needs to be done to get qualified.  All of it is available for you by clicking one of those links.

For me, service is number one.  It is about giving those looking for Lake Norman real estate assistance all the tools they will ever need.

If I can ever be assistance, please contact your Lake Norman Agent at  704 451 7051 or click one of the links on the right panel.


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