Posted by: Roby Robertson | September 8, 2009

Lake Norman:Highway 150 West of Perth Road Ready For Fast Lane

Lake Norman Hot Spots For Development

According to Business Today, when Tenders “fresh food fast” restaurant opens on Argus Lane near Highway 150 and Perth Road it will be close to the new Harris Teeter, the new Rite Aid and the new McDonald’s.

Owners of Captiva Restaurant Group, which owns Tenders, says current and future growth in residential ‘rooftops’ drops his company to Highway 150 west of Williamson Rd.

It now looks more and more like the land west of Perth, largely farmland for generations,will develop quickly once it is clear the recession is ending.

This has area has been designated a “Strategic Corridor” by the state based on growth and commercial traffic. Highway 150 is likely an outer belt for the greater Charlotte region with southern legs consisting of highway 16 and farther to the west Highway 321.

The state plans on purchasing rights of way for the widening project in 2014, from Perth to Lincolnton according to Neal Burke, transportation planner for the town of Mooresville.

The ability to grow is driving the development equation. The area already has sewer capacity, enough for significant future development. In some places, like Union County in South Carolina, sewer capacity has maxed out, so having the capicity in this Lake Norman area is making it one of the hot spots for construction.


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