Posted by: Roby Robertson | September 11, 2009

Lake Norman Real Estate:September Short Sale,Bank Owned Update

Lake Norman September 2009 Short Sale and Bank Owned Properties Update

Lake Norman foreclosures and short sales

Currently, there are approximately 90 single family homes listed in our MLS as short sale or bank owned opportunities. Currently our MLS is changing to allow for these homes to be flagged more consistently, however for now we have to search through remarks for certain words. Due to this, the number of homes could fluctuate somewhat.

Of these 90 homes, 27 are listed as Lake Norman Waterfront Homes.

For condos/townhomes, there are 5 homes currently listed in this category.

For vacant lots, there are 6 properties listed as foreclosure or short sale opportunities.

This list does not include all the homes that are listed at prices that compete with short sale list prices.  Since statisticallymany short sales never actually close and can take months to get addressed, even homes that are not listed as short sales should be researched as possible great deals.

If you are interested in a list of these properties in your price range, contact your Lake Norman agent at 704 451 7051, or click on the contact us link on the right side of this blog.


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