Posted by: Roby Robertson | September 14, 2009

Lake Norman: Go Green and Save Money

Lake Norman Real Estate,Simple Ways to save Money

Replace commercial cleaning products with a homemade version which is free of harsh chemicals and less expensive. For an all-purpose cleaner, mix two tablespoons of mild dishwashing soap and two cups of water in a spray bottle.

Reduce waste by using cleaning cloths instead of paper towels.

Clean your dryers vented air duct at least once a year (or as needed) to keep the machine running efficiently.

Don’t wash dishes by hand or pre-rinse. Energy Star dishwashers use less water than hand washing.

Get Winter Ready

Set the temperature on your water heater between 115 and 120 degrees to save money and energy.

As the outside temperature drops, heat rooms naturally by opening shades and letting in sunlight.

Make sure windows and doors are properly sealed.  Seal gaps with caulk and use draft stoppers beneath doors.

Install a programmable thermostat to control the temperature effortlessly. Turn it down when you are away and at night.  A one degree decrease will make a difference in your energy bill.

For more ideas, visit Kenmore Ideas.


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