Posted by: Roby Robertson | February 7, 2010

Buying Lake Norman Waterfront, Know Your Location

Coves – Depending on the wind direction or heavy rains, coves can be a catch debris and floating weeds.

Depth of water – Shallow water may not provide the recreational activities you desire or allow for a dock if one does not exist.  Also, verify that the water will be adequate in winter when water levels drop. 

Dock restrictions – Check with Duke Energy and your HOA on what is allowed with dock building and/or modification.

Boat traffic patterns – Understand frequency and distance from the home.  Your dock can be damaged by a lot of traffic.  Also, determine if the property is protected by ‘no-wake’ signs.

Location of low bridges – Low bridges exist and you could possible be locked in a specific areas.  If you have a large sail boat, you may want to be south of the 150 bridge.

Check HOA restrictions –  This is important with regard to docks with roofs.  Sometimes they are allowed and sometimes they aren’t.  This impacts your desire for one or your neighbor blocking your view.

Know your neighbors –  Check the surroundings of your potential neighbors dock/yard etc.  This could tell you a lot about their activities and lifestyle.


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