Posted by: Roby Robertson | May 1, 2010

Do You Need A Name Brand To Succeed In Real Estate

Carolina Living Property ManagementCarolina Living Real Estate

Ever heard of them….?   Probably not but you will!

Carolina Living Real state

Did You Know. 

Millions of dollars of real estate has been sold by real estate brokers NOT working for the Big Names.

Hundreds of brokers have left the Big Name Companies and are STILL successful.

It is still about customer service no matter what company you attach to your name!

What does Carolina Living Offer Agents?  Learn More Here

  • Website creating training like NO other brokerage.  (The Internet is What Matters)
  • 100% commissions
  • Online Forums to get Real Estate and Technology questions answered.
  • FREE enhanced membership.
  • Weekly training on website creation and Real Estate issues.
  • Lead Generation for all agents via numerous SEO enhanced websites.

How does this impact the consumer?

  • Agents are not paying their brokerage so much that they can’t afford to negotiate commissions.
  • Our agents have the best training and technology offerings that enhance your experience.
  • We focus on customer service and getting the deal done, not what we make or how much our broker gets.
  • We have agents surrounding the Lake Norman and Charlotte area to make sure you get an agent that knows the area or has access to someone who does.

Area websites that offer you so much….

Lake Norman Communities

Find Charlotte Area Homes For Sale

Lake Norman and Charlotte Property Management

Contact us to help you with your next move!


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