Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 11, 2011

Day 1 In The Life Of Your Lake Norman And Charlotte Area Property Manager

I have been thinking about keeping a log of the things we experience at Carolina Living Property Management and because it is sometimes so hysterical, I thought I would share it with everyone.

The 1st thing to mention is that even though some of the experiences are somewhat painful, we are not complaining nor are we hating the business (although at times…).  However this will be a very informative for those thinking of managing a home themselves or those considering getting into the business.  We are gaining a lot of experience in dealing with issues and more importantly avoiding them as much as possible.

To actually begin this chronicle, I will go back two days to 3/9/2011.  We are managing a home on the Northeast side of Charlotte in a very nice neighborhood.  This home has averaged about 2-3 calls a day every day because of location and price ($1200 a month).  After finally being able to qualify someone via our credit and background checks,we had a lease signed and partial security deposit to hold until move in date ( Mistake never to be made again ).

I had a 9:00am appointment at the home to collect rent and the remaining security deposit.  At 9:15, I sent a text to the application concerned about their whereabouts.  At 9:20, I called them, still to no avail.   At 9:25 I sent a text that I was leaving.  About a minute later, I did get a call that they were on the way.  I proceeded to lecture them on the importance of my time and on being respectful.

At 9:45 they show up and proceed to tell me they did not like my tone.  Again, I just told them (her), it was about respect for each other.  Within minutes the application put on her best Betty Davis interpretation.  She had some sort of shaw on ( not being a woman, I don’t know what you call it) and she slung it over her shoulder, turned her back to me and told me she just could not look at me anymore.  “Our relationship was forever tarnished”.  Her words not mine!

I asked her if she was sure because we had spent weeks getting this done.  She absolutely would not look at me and she kept saying.  “Don’t look at me”.  I was so amused but I did my best not to laugh.  I never used profanity (pat me on the back), and I did my best to stay calm.  I was just mad that she showed no respect for me or my time (or the DirectTV guy that was also waiting on her).   So, she backed out.  Lost what deposit she had put down just because I told her in a direct way that she could have at least called me ( yes she does have a cell phone ).

We have since found another renter and I am a believer that things happen for a reason. Sooo,  thank goodness Betty Davis changed her mind.

Stay tuned….it will get good!

Looking for a Property Manager in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas?  Lake Norman and Charlotte Property Management.


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