Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 13, 2011

Day 2 In The Life Of Your Lake Norman And Charlotte Area Property Manager

As you will be able to tell, I am not exactly writing every day.  However, my goal is to chronicle a year’s worth of property management experiences.

WOW, yesterday ( Saturday, 3/13/) was  Doosy!   I manage a home in the Gastonia area that in recent months has been a problem from the aspect of collecting rent.   The tenant ( a single mom ) lost her job and has been depending on the ex-husband paying child support go make rent.

Approximately 10 days ago, I went to the home to inspect it and to collect the rent.  I reported to the homeowner that  I did not see anything out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, the homeowners husband went to home to do yard care.  He noticed that behind the home a damaged door was leaning against the house.  He asked for and go permission to enter the home.

From that standpoint, things escalated quickly.   He found a recently created whole in the wall from a door being slammed open.  He found a bedroom door had been replaced with a less than adequate replacement.  He also found a brand new kitten.   None of these things existed 10 days ago.

Also, the homeowner went to the police station to ask about their options and found that the police had been called about 10 times to come to the house to remove the ex-husband or answer an disturbance.

Instead of going into every detail I will summarize.  An hour later, I got a call from the wife demanding that I meet at the home immediately.   Being with other clients, I informed her I could not do that.  She proceeded to start to use some of the foulest language imaginable and worse yet, threatened me with physical harm on behalf of her husband.


I will not be meeting with anyone that threatens me with  physical harm.

I will do as instructed and begin eviction proceedings.

I will not be managing this home in the future.

I Will;

Continue to be a property manager as this is a small percentage of the kind of people I deal with.

Going forward, be very selective of the homes I agree to manage

Continue to do what I am doing as I know I am providing a great service.


My advice for those that don’t really want to be landlords but have no choice.  Think long and hard about what service you want and then decide on whether to manage it yourself.  I doubt you will ever find a property manager that can babysit the home daily, weekly or even monthly.


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