Posted by: Roby Robertson | March 16, 2011

Day 3 In The Life Of Your Lake Norman And Charlotte Area Property Manager

Today has been a wonderful day in the life of a Property Manager.  Homes are renting rather quickly and I have met some wonderful people.

We had a minor glitch in one of the homes with a toilet not flushing but we were able to walk the tenant through fixing it themselves.  Saved the tenant time and the homeowner money!

The rental market is phenomenal around Lake Norman and Charlotte.   We are averaging at least 10-15 calls or emails a day of people looking for homes.   We really can’t accommodate all of them but we try to point them in the right direction.  Most of our attention is coming from our Property Management Website.

We also are getting 1-2 inquires a day on people considering renting their homes.  We advertise on various websites and again our property management website gets TONS of traffic.

At Carolina Living Real Estate all of our websites are home grown.  I personally train all our agents that are interested how to build their own blogs/websites.   This is important because of traffic!  Having a website is great but meaningless if no-one ever sees it!   We work hard on that.  Our growth is evidence of that!



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