Posted by: Roby Robertson | July 9, 2011

A Wild Lake Norman Property Management Story

The last week has been wild…and stressful….and interesting…and jaw dropping!

In late February Carolina Living Property Management had 2 applicants for a home we are/were managing in Mooresville, NC.

We vetted the two Vietnamese applicants and everything came up positive.  The main red flag was the applicants desire to pay in cash and to also pay 6 months up front + security deposit.   The explanation was that they were scoping out a place to open a restaurant and they had cash from a restaurant they have in California.  “Restaurants deal mostly in cash”

Since that was somewhat questionable, the applicants invited he owners and the myself over for a dinner to cook an authentic meal.  The dinner was awesome.

Once in the home, the tenants invited neighbors over for the same type dinner, walked the neighborhood and essentially conned everyone into believing a new restaurant was imminent

All this was done in March.  In early April the I visited the home to check on things and ensure everything was going well.

Low in behold by the 3rd week in June, we were called and told the K9 drug sniffing dogs were on site.

This is where it got interesting.  The Narcotics division had gotten a tip and had knocked on the door to just ask questions.  Once there, they smelled something strong and asked to enter.  The tenants tried to block the door.  BIG Mistake!  Given this probable cause, they did a quick look around and handcuffed 2 people and waited for the official search warrant.

Subsequently, while waiting, another car circled around the home a couple of times.  The officers coyly left (but not really).  They left someone close by and drove down the street.  As stupid criminals usually do, the stupid car came back again!   Immediately the narcotics officers raced back from close by and with guns drawn and arrested the two new arrivals.

Needless to say, the neighbors were getting the Reality show of their lives!

Once we were able to see the home, we found a home that was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time…

Here is what they did.

They ripped up all the carpet.

They hung copper wire from the one wall to the other to hang ultra violet lights.

They built new circuit boxes to create a huge number of additional outlets to plug lights and the numerous fans they needed.

They drilled big holes in the ceiling of the closets to run new duct work all the way to the attic.

In the upstairs bedrooms they did not pull up the carpet but they did tape plastic down on the carpet and also created all the electrical havoc.

In the bathrooms there was a lot of chemicals we believe were being used as fertilizer.

In all 700 plants were pulled from the home.

Needless to say the tenants are in jail, for a long time… Enough Said.

NOTE:  Insurance is covering the damage.  Renting your home?  Call your insurance agent!


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