Posted by: Roby Robertson | January 11, 2012

Hey Lake Norman, We Pay Our Agents 100% Commissions and Pass Savings To You

Are you thinking of buying or selling in The Lake Norman Area? Why not ask Carolina Living Real Estate about their services?

Not only do we use the latest technologies, we pay our agents 100% commission and just take a transaction fee.

What does this mean to the consumer (Homeowner)? Our agents are not giving a substantial amount to us (the Broker) allowing them to negotiate how they want to ‘get the deal done’!!

These savings can be used on both the seller and the buyer seller. There are a couple of legal ways to pass this savings on to YOU!.

All you need to do is call us (704 237 0875 or 704 451 7051) and ask how!

You see expired and withdrawn listings in the Lake Norman area are not the product of smaller companies. They are a part of the business of selling real estate for all companies.  However, with a firm like ours, the agents have SO many tools at their disposal, including negotiating with our own money. You see our agents keep the bulk of it and as we all know, Money is Power!

Let’s make 2012 the year Charlotte Real Estate bounces back…


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