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Lake Norman Foreclosure Statistics 1st Qtr 2012

Interested in a Lake Norman Foreclosure?   Want to see all the Lake Norman Foreclosures listed by agents?  We will give you information on both of these.  Please keep reading.

Looking at statistics during the 1st quarter(mid March) of 2012, we found 32 homes that sold that were designated as short sales or homes in default.

The high sold price came in at 1,016,000.00 and was 81% of the list price.

The low price came in at 35,000.00 and was 67% of the list price.

Of these 32 Lake Norman Foreclosures, 3 of them were waterfront homes.

These 3 sold for $1065,000 – $255,000 and $732,000

The average sold price to list price of these 3 homes was 87%

Also, of these 32, only one of them was a short sale and it is the one that sold for $1,065,000.  The 31 are homes in default listed by Lake Norman agents.

Also, in area 13 Lake Norman, there was 4 condo/town homes foreclosures that sold in the same period.

If you are looking for foreclosures in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas, we have the websites for you.  We list every short sale and foreclosure currently listed in our MLS.

Lake Norman Foreclosures and Short Sales

Charlotte Foreclosures and Short Sales

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Finding Your Lake Norman Home

Lake Norman is one of the most sought after lakes in the entire southeast. It offers wonderful family fun and  recreational activities. Conveniently located just north of Charlotte (Home of the 2012 Democratic National Convention) and Charlotte Douglas International airport. When searching for Lake Norman Waterfront,be aware that some listing agents use the term “waterfront” very liberally. If the property does not show any lake pictures or it the pictures look suspect, ask me and I will give you the scoop.

At Lake Norman direct access to the lake comes at a price.  True waterfront property available on Lake Norman is always in strong demand.  Logically, however, this also makes waterfront property one of the safest investments available in the area.

Your “average” home that you might be able to buy for $300,000 if located a short distance from the lake will probably cost you $500,000 to $800,000 if located on the lake with a private dock and water views.

With true waterfront property, the value is determined more using factors such as the view and location rather than by just the square footage of the home. Oftentimes the value of the lot can have  greater than the value of the home. “Back in the day” as we often say around Lake Norman,  premium lots could sell for up to $1,000,000.  Water depth at the dock, size and levelness of the lot, neighborhood amenities, and the direction the home faces will all factor into the value.

There are alternatives for those that don’t have the budget for true Lake Norman Waterfront.   There are some communities around Lake Norman that have groups of community managed boat slips that come deeded with the home . meaning a particular home has exclusive rights to use it and transfer by deed with the sale of the property.  Typically an annual fee charged for the maintenance of the boat slips and piers in the range of $300 – $600.  “Boat Slip” homes are also highly sought after.  Having a deeded boat slip attached to a property can add $25,000 – $50,000 to the price and value of the property.

If you want to see many of our beautiful Lake Norman Homes for sale separated by community, waterfront etc., please visit

Are you thinking of buying or selling in The Lake Norman Area? Why not ask Carolina Living Real Estate about their services?

Not only do we use the latest technologies, we pay our agents 100% commission and just take a transaction fee.

What does this mean to the consumer (Homeowner)? Our agents are not giving a substantial amount to us (the Broker) allowing them to negotiate how they want to ‘get the deal done’!!

These savings can be used on both the seller and the buyer seller. There are a couple of legal ways to pass this savings on to YOU!.

All you need to do is call us (704 237 0875 or 704 451 7051) and ask how!

You see expired and withdrawn listings in the Lake Norman area are not the product of smaller companies. They are a part of the business of selling real estate for all companies.  However, with a firm like ours, the agents have SO many tools at their disposal, including negotiating with our own money. You see our agents keep the bulk of it and as we all know, Money is Power!

Let’s make 2012 the year Charlotte Real Estate bounces back…

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More Reasons To Love Lake Norman – The Views

Lake Norman Views

Lake Norman at Night

The picture above was taken from my car on I77. This is another example of the beautiful views of the lake at night. Imagine firing up the boat, heading out to dinner on the lake and seeing this view. Kind of like being on vacation year round!

This website and the one I created named Lake Norman Communities gives you tons of information about our beautiful lake the homes for sale around it.

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A Wild Lake Norman Property Management Story

The last week has been wild…and stressful….and interesting…and jaw dropping!

In late February Carolina Living Property Management had 2 applicants for a home we are/were managing in Mooresville, NC.

We vetted the two Vietnamese applicants and everything came up positive.  The main red flag was the applicants desire to pay in cash and to also pay 6 months up front + security deposit.   The explanation was that they were scoping out a place to open a restaurant and they had cash from a restaurant they have in California.  “Restaurants deal mostly in cash”

Since that was somewhat questionable, the applicants invited he owners and the myself over for a dinner to cook an authentic meal.  The dinner was awesome.

Once in the home, the tenants invited neighbors over for the same type dinner, walked the neighborhood and essentially conned everyone into believing a new restaurant was imminent

All this was done in March.  In early April the I visited the home to check on things and ensure everything was going well.

Low in behold by the 3rd week in June, we were called and told the K9 drug sniffing dogs were on site.

This is where it got interesting.  The Narcotics division had gotten a tip and had knocked on the door to just ask questions.  Once there, they smelled something strong and asked to enter.  The tenants tried to block the door.  BIG Mistake!  Given this probable cause, they did a quick look around and handcuffed 2 people and waited for the official search warrant.

Subsequently, while waiting, another car circled around the home a couple of times.  The officers coyly left (but not really).  They left someone close by and drove down the street.  As stupid criminals usually do, the stupid car came back again!   Immediately the narcotics officers raced back from close by and with guns drawn and arrested the two new arrivals.

Needless to say, the neighbors were getting the Reality show of their lives!

Once we were able to see the home, we found a home that was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time…

Here is what they did.

They ripped up all the carpet.

They hung copper wire from the one wall to the other to hang ultra violet lights.

They built new circuit boxes to create a huge number of additional outlets to plug lights and the numerous fans they needed.

They drilled big holes in the ceiling of the closets to run new duct work all the way to the attic.

In the upstairs bedrooms they did not pull up the carpet but they did tape plastic down on the carpet and also created all the electrical havoc.

In the bathrooms there was a lot of chemicals we believe were being used as fertilizer.

In all 700 plants were pulled from the home.

Needless to say the tenants are in jail, for a long time… Enough Said.

NOTE:  Insurance is covering the damage.  Renting your home?  Call your insurance agent!

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Legacy Village – Mooresville On The Rebound

Legacy Village just minutes (maybe 1 minute) from Lowes Headquarters and Lake Norman Regional Hospital has been purchased in foreclosure and is now being remarketed at remarkable prices.

These homes have all the upgrades like granite, stainless appliances and more.  The location and prices coupled with the financing available and developer incentives makes this area one to consider if looking to buy a home at ‘deal’ prices.

Prices range from $189,900 for 3 bedroom 2.5 homes to $99,900 for 1 bedroom 1 bath homes.  According to the preferred lender (Sherry Connor at Myers Park Mortgage, USDA 100% financing is available as are other affordable options.

Contact your Carolina Living Agent to get the assistance you need.

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The Leader In Lake Norman Real Estate Information

Carolina Living Real Estate has created a series of websites that encompasses everything you will need to know about Lake Norman Real Estate.

Starting with this blog which has all kinds of miscellaneous information about Lake Norman, from boat slips, to understand waterfront purchases.

Our company website Carolina Living Real Estate, has information about our company and information about the Charlotte area, from the arts to sports.

Lake Norman Communities has home listings for most of the communities surrounding Lake Norman.  Search by community and Lake Norman Waterfront and see all the active listings in the area.

Lake Norman Foreclosures has foreclosure listings all around the lake.  You can see home listings of Lake Norman foreclosures by price and by waterfront listings.

Birkdale at Lake Norman has home listings and miscellaneous information all about then Birkdale Golf Community and Birkdale Village which are two of the premier communities around Lake Norman.

Finally, Lake Norman Property Management is one of the premier property management companies in the area.  Our website displays many many rental listings as well as defines our services.

Today has been a wonderful day in the life of a Property Manager.  Homes are renting rather quickly and I have met some wonderful people.

We had a minor glitch in one of the homes with a toilet not flushing but we were able to walk the tenant through fixing it themselves.  Saved the tenant time and the homeowner money!

The rental market is phenomenal around Lake Norman and Charlotte.   We are averaging at least 10-15 calls or emails a day of people looking for homes.   We really can’t accommodate all of them but we try to point them in the right direction.  Most of our attention is coming from our Property Management Website.

We also are getting 1-2 inquires a day on people considering renting their homes.  We advertise on various websites and again our property management website gets TONS of traffic.

At Carolina Living Real Estate all of our websites are home grown.  I personally train all our agents that are interested how to build their own blogs/websites.   This is important because of traffic!  Having a website is great but meaningless if no-one ever sees it!   We work hard on that.  Our growth is evidence of that!


As you will be able to tell, I am not exactly writing every day.  However, my goal is to chronicle a year’s worth of property management experiences.

WOW, yesterday ( Saturday, 3/13/) was  Doosy!   I manage a home in the Gastonia area that in recent months has been a problem from the aspect of collecting rent.   The tenant ( a single mom ) lost her job and has been depending on the ex-husband paying child support go make rent.

Approximately 10 days ago, I went to the home to inspect it and to collect the rent.  I reported to the homeowner that  I did not see anything out of the ordinary.

Yesterday, the homeowners husband went to home to do yard care.  He noticed that behind the home a damaged door was leaning against the house.  He asked for and go permission to enter the home.

From that standpoint, things escalated quickly.   He found a recently created whole in the wall from a door being slammed open.  He found a bedroom door had been replaced with a less than adequate replacement.  He also found a brand new kitten.   None of these things existed 10 days ago.

Also, the homeowner went to the police station to ask about their options and found that the police had been called about 10 times to come to the house to remove the ex-husband or answer an disturbance.

Instead of going into every detail I will summarize.  An hour later, I got a call from the wife demanding that I meet at the home immediately.   Being with other clients, I informed her I could not do that.  She proceeded to start to use some of the foulest language imaginable and worse yet, threatened me with physical harm on behalf of her husband.


I will not be meeting with anyone that threatens me with  physical harm.

I will do as instructed and begin eviction proceedings.

I will not be managing this home in the future.

I Will;

Continue to be a property manager as this is a small percentage of the kind of people I deal with.

Going forward, be very selective of the homes I agree to manage

Continue to do what I am doing as I know I am providing a great service.


My advice for those that don’t really want to be landlords but have no choice.  Think long and hard about what service you want and then decide on whether to manage it yourself.  I doubt you will ever find a property manager that can babysit the home daily, weekly or even monthly.

I have been thinking about keeping a log of the things we experience at Carolina Living Property Management and because it is sometimes so hysterical, I thought I would share it with everyone.

The 1st thing to mention is that even though some of the experiences are somewhat painful, we are not complaining nor are we hating the business (although at times…).  However this will be a very informative for those thinking of managing a home themselves or those considering getting into the business.  We are gaining a lot of experience in dealing with issues and more importantly avoiding them as much as possible.

To actually begin this chronicle, I will go back two days to 3/9/2011.  We are managing a home on the Northeast side of Charlotte in a very nice neighborhood.  This home has averaged about 2-3 calls a day every day because of location and price ($1200 a month).  After finally being able to qualify someone via our credit and background checks,we had a lease signed and partial security deposit to hold until move in date ( Mistake never to be made again ).

I had a 9:00am appointment at the home to collect rent and the remaining security deposit.  At 9:15, I sent a text to the application concerned about their whereabouts.  At 9:20, I called them, still to no avail.   At 9:25 I sent a text that I was leaving.  About a minute later, I did get a call that they were on the way.  I proceeded to lecture them on the importance of my time and on being respectful.

At 9:45 they show up and proceed to tell me they did not like my tone.  Again, I just told them (her), it was about respect for each other.  Within minutes the application put on her best Betty Davis interpretation.  She had some sort of shaw on ( not being a woman, I don’t know what you call it) and she slung it over her shoulder, turned her back to me and told me she just could not look at me anymore.  “Our relationship was forever tarnished”.  Her words not mine!

I asked her if she was sure because we had spent weeks getting this done.  She absolutely would not look at me and she kept saying.  “Don’t look at me”.  I was so amused but I did my best not to laugh.  I never used profanity (pat me on the back), and I did my best to stay calm.  I was just mad that she showed no respect for me or my time (or the DirectTV guy that was also waiting on her).   So, she backed out.  Lost what deposit she had put down just because I told her in a direct way that she could have at least called me ( yes she does have a cell phone ).

We have since found another renter and I am a believer that things happen for a reason. Sooo,  thank goodness Betty Davis changed her mind.

Stay tuned….it will get good!

Looking for a Property Manager in the Lake Norman and Charlotte areas?  Lake Norman and Charlotte Property Management.

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