Posted by: Roby Robertson | June 1, 2009

Lake Norman | Tennis Anyone

The Lake Norman Tennis Associaton kicks off it’s summer season this month and offers a variety of programs.

Included is what they call the ‘Compass Draw’ a men’s and woman’s singles tournament where players play one match every two weeks. 

Also, included is tennis ladder, designed for players of all skill levels and based on a system where players get points for making challenges and playing matches.

Started in 2003, the association was created to better represent the growing population around Lake Norman.  Since then the organization has grown and now serves thousands of players throughout the Lake Norman area.

Designed for older players, the association has a super senior league created for players 60 and over and offers doubles play for both men and women. Local winners get to compete at the state and sectional level.

The Association also has a junior league for kids age 10 to 16.  Including and one of it’s newest programs is the ‘Quickstart’ programs designed to bring kids 10 and under into the sport by scaling down the game to better fit their size.

Whether you are an accomplished  player or just geting started, the Lake Norman Tennis Association might just be the place for you!


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